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3 Hair Care Practices That You Need to Leave Behind

Are you wondering why your hair has gone so rough lately? Or you are wondering why, after all, you do for your hair, it just doesn’t seem to get any better? Well, as much as truth hurts, you need to hear it. Sometimes, many people adopt practices while hoping to somehow benefit from them, but it just ends up making your hair worse than before.

Pexels | Be careful of the products you put into your hair

So, have you been wondering what is good for your hair and what is not? Look no further because this article will give you all the details on the bad practices you might be following without knowing how bad they truly are for your hair.

1. Frequent Washing

It is good to maintain good hygiene, but many people fail to understand that your hair and skin might not be suited to frequent washing. This excessive washing can lead to the scalp becoming dry, which then tries to compensate for the lost moisture by creating excessive amounts of sebum – meaning your hair will get oily faster.

If you wash your hair with long intervals, your scalp will be able to retain moisture while simultaneously stopping overproduction of sebum, and your hair will feel a lot smoother than before.

Pexels | There should be at least a 3 days’ interval before you wash your hair again

2. Towels Are Not For Hair

Many people step out of the shower with a giant towel on their head, and then they proceed to use the same towel to scrunch and rub their hair. There is nothing wrong with a towel but, its texture can make your hair vulnerable and bound to break often. Hence, you should avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Try a soft t-shirt instead and proceed to air dry your hair.

3. No To The Heat

As much as everyone loves curling their hair or straightening them, it is actually very harmful to the hair in the long run. Since the heat from these curling and straightening irons strip the hair of its natural moisture, it leads to the hair being more vulnerable and prone to breakage.

Pexels | Heat also changes the structure of your hair proteins – eventually, chopping it off will become your only option

In Essence…

Consider your hair to be like a delicate plant  – it needs extra attention, and often one wrong move can lead to wilting. But in your hair’s case, a bad hair day. There are so many products that are used daily, which include toxic chemicals that ruin your hair further, such as sulfates, silicone, and parabens. This means you should also be mindful of the products you are putting on your hair.

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