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Remains of Long Lost Italian Village Found After 70 Years! How Come It Was Lost For So Long?!

Nearly 7 decades ago, a few hundreds of Italian people resided in the village of Curon – until the whole village was flooded on purpose in order to make room for a hydroelectric plant nearby. 70 years later, a team was forced by repairs to drain the lake temporarily. To everyone’s surprise, though, the scene was nothing less than that of a book or movie by Stephen King or M. Night Shyamalan.

EPA | The remains of the long-lost village were finally found not too long ago

What We Know About Curon

From what we’ve discovered, the village was reportedly found under Lake Resia. Lake Resia is an artificial lake that spans 2.5-square-mile and is located near the border of Switzerland and Austria. For years, the lake acted as a well-known destination for tourism and hiking, with the public relishing in its beautiful scenic views throughout the year, whether it be summer or winter.

EPA | Visitors now have to walk over the frozen lake to reach the spire peeking out from the middle of the lake

Quite obviously, many residents of the village were totally against the flooding it. However, after the artificial lake was birthed, and at least 160 homes were consequently drowned, some Italians took off and were displaced while others sought refuge in nearby villages.

Lost But Still An Inspiration

As is the case with all things mysterious, the place did happen to act as the inspiration for a book turned into a Netflix show of the same name. Honestly, this detail is the least bit surprising, considering the incongruous 14th-century steeple that’s sticking up from the mids of the water. But no writer could’ve come up with a script for what was discovered.

EPA | Tourists who once visited to see the beautiful lake are now returning to marvel at the ruins of the village

No house survived the extremity of the flood, but old cellars, steps, and walls that were under the lakebed for 70 years are quite visible. Luisa Azzolini, one of the many visitors of the lake, said that she felt strange while walking among the remains of the houses, claiming she was swept by an odd feeling of sadness and curiosity.

But for the people who want to get a look at the remains of the historic village, there isn’t much time left. The lake will be re-flooded as soon as the repairs are completed, which will talk only a couple of weeks tops.

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