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It’s Not Tony Stark or Hank Pym: Black Panther Is the Richest Superhero, so How Did He Become a Trillionaire?  

News broke out that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is on the brink of being the first trillionaire in the entire world and if you look at his estimated net worth, he is indeed close to hitting the mark but it is said that he will achieve this in a matter of years. While the feat is far from happening in real life as of writing, one superhero has achieved the feat in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Wealthiest Among Superheroes

As per projections, it will still take years before the richest man in the world gets to become a trillionaire – some predict it to happen in 2025, so it is safe to say that it will take some time before Jeff hits the barrier. However, in the fictional world, one had already accomplished that, and no, it isn’t Iron Man/Tony Stark, owner of the famous tech company, Stark Industries.

YouTube — Tony Stark is the CEO of Stark Industries

If you look at the wider scheme of the superhero world, Bruce Wayne is also a rich man, but no, he is not a trillionaire. The wealthiest among all the good guys in these fantasy stories is the Black Panther, who owns an entire country.

T’Challa rules not just any country but a very rich land in East Africa called Wakanda, which is a highly advanced nation in the entire MCU because of its ground-breaking technological creations. That’s because it got filled with Vibranium after it was struck with a meteorite before Black Panther was even born.

This ore is what makes up the king’s famous almost-indestructible suit. If you have yet to see Marvel superhero films, Captain America’s shield is also made up of this special substance.

The responsibility to protect and stop the abuse of the country’s vast resources falls on the hands of T’Challa, after all, the substance, which is a sound-absorbing metal, is very precious and valuable. Because it is so rare and has mystical properties, it is one of the most sought-after items in the MCU.

The Disney Blog — Black Panther’s costume is made of vibranium

A gram of this uber-special metal already costs an eye-popping $10,000, which is 300 times more valuable than Rhodium, Earth’s most expensive metal. It’s even five times the cost of a diamond, which sells for $2,000 per gram.

As such, Wakanda, and therefore its king, is worth a whopping $90.7 trillion! Note that it’s just the mineral wealth, but it already is worth more than the gross domestic product of the whole world in real life.

Jay Maidment/Marvel — Captain America’s shield is also made of the rare ore

While Wakanda is undeniably rich, it can be exposed to exploitation when greedy individuals find that it is filled with the metal. Luckily, its king is always ready to protect his people and resources.

When ‘Black Panther’ debuted in May 2018, massive success is an understatement to describe how it fared in the box-office. It didn’t just earn $1.34 billion in sales, but it also raked in a slew of awards.

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