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You’re Beautiful – And It’s Time You See That, Too

How often do you look into the mirror and think “not good enough”? In an effort to rise to stereotypical beauty standards, people tend to be very harsh on themselves with the latest “fat-burning” diets and fads promising glowy, beautiful skin. Yet, after months of practicing ideal beauty routines, it sometimes seems like no apparent differences stick out.

Pexels | “Feeling” ugly has less to do with facts and more to do with emotions

Ever thought about why that is?

The fact is, you can’t expect to see differences while working on only a single facet of your being. How can you reap results when you don’t verge into the impact of the inside? Today, start working on your beauty and health with a new perspective: the inside.

Here’s how you can reach new bounds of self-love by cultivating inner beauty:

1. Alter Your Self-Perception

If you look in the mirror and think “not good enough,” that’s your self-perception, i.e., the way you see yourself. It can be hard to unlearn negative thinking but, it’s the first step toward changing your not-good-enough into beautiful-just-the-way-I-am.

2. Eat Smart, Not Less

Your food can do wonders for your looks, whether you seek a lovely tanned glow or a remedy for growing wrinkles. The diet culture rabbit hole will only suck you into a world of being undernutrition and sad when Mother Nature wants nothing but you looking gorgeous! Take Vitamin C and E, for instance, which work together to protect your skin from sun damage and keep the collagen supply incoming to ensure your skin looks healthy and fresh.

Pexels | You are what you eat, so try to eat what’s best for your body

3. Forget the World and Sleep

Haven’t you ever thought about where the term “beauty sleep” came from? Yep, sleep does make you beautiful if you sleep according to recommendations by experts. Benefits of ample sleep include an increased glow and reduction in eye bags, dry skin, and wrinkles.

4. Exercise for Inner Health

Most people are so consumed with the exterior benefits of exercise that they forget the amazing benefits it provides for physical health. Additionally, when exercising, your brain releases endorphins that help elevate your mood. And remember, getting abs is not the point here.

5. Believe That You’re Worthy

Do you take time out to appreciate your body for all it does for you? Do you feel your skin and think how beautiful of a human being you are? If you don’t, you need to start today. Notice how your beauty has evolved through the years and relish in your journey thus far, as well as the miles left to cover.

Pexels | Remind yourself of your inner and outer beauty every time you look into the mirror

Cultivate that inner belief that you’re a living, breathing, beautiful human. Once you realize your worth, you’ll find that you now love the person in the mirror. It’s not the reflection that changes but the way you see yourself that makes you feel amazing.

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