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You Need To Try These Cabbage Types This December!

Certain vegetables are just delicious and go with almost everything! Cabbages, for example. Thinking about a salad? You’ve got cabbage. Planning on getting a sandwich? Add cabbage for that extra kick. Eating a burrito? Put some cabbage in for that crunchy taste.

Pexels | If the versatility of the vegetable comes as news to you, it might be time to look up recipes and experiment with it

Cabbage is a versatile food that goes in literally anything and best of all, you are currently in the midst of cabbage season. Since this vegetable thrives in the winter, you’ll be spotting it in every grocery store soon. You might be thinking what’s so special about the cabbage in winter because it’s available all year long but Lee Jones, a farmer at The Chef’s Garden, explains that now’s the time you’ll get the best cabbage.

Basically, what happens is that the cool temperature leads to the creation of higher sugar and moisture levels which then reflect in the taste and the texture of the vegetable. So if you are looking for a good deal then you can get to your local market and buy yourself some good ol’ cabbage.

Pexels | Juliet Glass, the director of communications at FRESHFARM, states that farmers’ market cabbage has a higher moisture content

Here are the types of cabbage you need to get:

1. Standard Green Cabbage

This cabbage is the one you’ll find at your standard grocery store or supermarket. It’s great for being whole-leaf option food like stuffed cabbage or some chicken stuffed cabbage rolls. Since their leaves are big in size, you can use them however you like. A good way to pick out the best cabbage is sticking to the one with firm and fresh-looking outer leaves. Plus, when you pick them up, they should always give a squeaky sound.

2. Red Cabbage

Don’t be fooled by the name – red cabbage looks very purple in person, which is why some people refer to it as purple cabbage, too. These types of cabbage are flavorful and crunchier than your regular cabbage. However, when cooking, keep in mind that they might just change the color of your dish.

3. Conehead Cabbage

In cabbages, there are unique tastes, colors, and even shapes. The conehead cabbage is shaped like an arrowhead, almost conical, hence its name. But you might not find this at your supermarket or at your local farmer’s market. However, if you do manage to get a hold of it, you’ll find it to be sweeter in taste and smaller in size. They make a great raw cabbage slaw, the one your guests might not stop talking about for a while.

Fifth Crow Farm | For reference, this is what conehead cabbage looks like

So, get your grocery baggage – it’s time to get some cabbage!

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