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Tips to Make Your Inner Beauty Thrive

It’s strange, actually. People tend to put a lot of effort into maintaining a good physical appearance but often neglect the importance of inner beauty. It makes you really think what an artificial world it is, doesn’t it?

The bare truth is that you aren’t defined by what you see in the mirror; it’s what’s hidden in your heart that tells the world who you are. But sadly, to keep up with pretenses and “look” good in front of others, we often become what we aren’t.


Unsplash | What we portray to the world is often artificial. Our real beauty lies within us.

To today, let’s shed that artificial skin and take a pledge to make our real selves shine. Just like a bud needs constant care to blossom, let’s start making conscious efforts to nourish the beauty inside of us so that we can experience a whole new level of confidence.

Join us as we share a few key tips to help you do this.

#1 – Know your worth

Self-love is extremely important. You must know that you’re worthy of everything and that you are a beautiful human being. It’s necessary to take some time for yourself and do something you love. It could be anything – singing, dancing, or painting – just about anything that gives you happiness.

#2 – Social media isn’t the reality

Detox your social media and avoid content which makes you feel insecure or complex. Don’t compare yourself to others since people only share the good sides to their lives. No one talks about their failures, their dark moments, and their weaknesses. So the next time you see someone posting pictures of a brand new car, try to not be envious and remember that there might be a lot of struggle behind it.


Unsplash | Practice a social media detox every now and then to avoid comparisons with others and negativity

#3 – Exercise to feel good

Exercising releases chemicals in the body which help in bringing stress under control. Yoga and meditation in particular can help you enhance your inner beauty. And if you can couple them with a healthy diet, the benefits can be long-lasting, both internally and externally.

#4 – Avoid ‘diet’ culture and accept yourself as you are

This is for the people who love food but are always worried about their weight – stop sacrificing the things you love. Nutritionists suggest that there’s nothing you should avoid completely; what you need to watch isn’t what you eat, but how much you eat.

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#5 – Get enough sleep

A healthy sleep schedule increases productivity and efficiency. An adult body requires 7-9 hours of sleep and it has a direct impact on your mood and appearance.


Unsplash | Getting plenty of rest, coupled with stress-relieving activities like meditation and yoga can help you stay peaceful

To wrap it up

True inner beauty can be achieved only when you focus on peace, maintain a healthy diet, and sleep well. When you feel good from the inside, no matter what you wear or how you look, you’ll always feel beautiful. Keep the key to your happiness in your hands and things might appear quite easy and sorted.

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