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Things You Need to Know Before Making an RV Your Home

Some people are not about big houses, stable jobs, and a shiny car in the driveway – some people are all about adventure, traveling, exploring, and enjoying all the things this world has to offer. While nomads have always been a part of society, it looks like their numbers are now increasing drastically.

Many people are trading their regular lives for a life full of excitement and adventure and who can blame them? The pandemic has put quite the emphasis on the reality of life and how people spend years and years working to make a fortune that can go out in a matter of minutes.

Pexels | RVs are no longer just for the old and homeless

So, now you shouldn’t be surprised if you see your next-door neighbor hanging up the glove and getting into an RV to drive into the sunset. RVs are now becoming more and more common as a lot of people prefer the lifestyle of a digital nomad.

If you are looking to move into an RV then here are some of the things that you should know before making the lifestyle change.

1. Find the Right RV For You

What kind of RV do you require? How many people are coming in with you? Do you want something more focused on luxury or do you want something more focused on mileage? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Buying an RV is no easy task or a cheap one, to say the least.

Pexels | You’ll need a good amount of cash to buy one and then for the maintenance and fuel requirements

2. Research the RV Parking Lots

Unlike a car, RVs can’t be parked literally anywhere. There are designated parks that allow other full-time RV travelers to park. When it comes to prices, the average cost is $35 per night but they can go higher. There are also organizations providing memberships that can get you discounts.

3. Buying an RV Lot

If you don’t plan on traveling and want a lot for your RV, you can buy a deeded lot in an RV park. This lot confirms that the land you are buying can be used for parking an RV. You can even claim the lot as the residence for mailing and tax reasons.

Pexels | There are certain things to keep in mind when buying a lot as you’ll need access to public sewers, water, a hospital, etc

While you might be deprived of certain luxuries like Wi-Fi, a dishwasher, or a proper bathroom, if living in an RV sounds like your thing, it’s time to contact a dealer now.

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