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These Cocoon-Like ‘Pods’ are the Future of Glamping and They’re Completely Eco-Friendly

Don’t you miss traveling? Surely, people have been craving to explore, take on an adventure, and create new experiences now more than ever. When all you can see are the four walls of your home for a couple of months, you start to ponder on things you want to do after the pandemic is over.

Boyloso/Shutterstock After Covid-19 is over, a hospitality revolution is predicted to happen

Design studio Normadic Resorts predict that more people will want to be outdoors. Of course, no one knows how traveling will be like after post-Covid-19 but experts say there will be a ‘hospitality revolution.’ The pandemic also serves as a clue to what consumers might like – adventurers would want to stay at cheaper accommodations because the global health threat will leave our economy at its worst.

Normadic Resorts have taken these things in mind when they designed Seedpods, which are said to be relatively cheaper than hotels. These things cost $3,400 each and may be a crossover of a hotel and tents.


Surprisingly, a Seedpod can somehow work like a treehouse not in the sense that it can be placed high up in the trees, rather it can be hung like a swing and it can also stand on a tripod. Although it may look unsteady, it can reportedly withstand up to 75 hours of wind speed.

The name may have come from its seed-like facade, but the structure is actually taking shape because of the structural rings. It does look like a huge cocoon from the outside but you may never want to leave when you see what’s inside: charging station, light, and a ceiling fan.

Peter Jackson Seedpods can be hung from a tree

The good thing is that you can convert the interior from a mini living area to a bed nook. It is about 7 feet in diameter and 7 feet of headspace, which means there’s not much room to move around. However, it may be perfect for when you’re on an adventure and need to glamp in the woods.

Anywhere, Anytime?

Normadic Resorts said their masterpiece would be perfect for lounging, sleeping, or eating. The company’s COO, Neil Henrikz, said their idea was to make something structurally durable that can easily be installed by a person on any terrain.

The brand claims that Seedpods can be erected by a few people and would not need tools. It also said that these ‘tents’ can be easily disinfected and are perfect for when campers need to practice social distancing in nature.

Nomadic Resorts The company’s COO said these structures will be perfect if you’re social distancing while camping

Of course, this creation is designed for a post-pandemic world, where the new normal is expected to take place. As authorities begin to relax quarantine measures, people who were bored while on lockdown will surely find ways to stay entertained.

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