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4 Essential Skills to Teach Your Kids During Quarantine

Parenting during a pandemic has proven to be hard, as voiced by most celebrity moms and dads. However, there are ways you can make this time fun and memorable rather than unbearable and miserable.

So while parents are scrambling to find means to make homeschooling easier, know that some lessons aren’t just fun and simple to teach, but also require no books or the internet. These are some essential life skills your kids may need sooner or later, and there’s no better time to learn them than now:


Budgeting is a skill that even adults find hard to practice, so why not start teaching it to your children from a young age? Technically speaking, they may not have a savings account just yet, but learning how to become financially responsible will help them make it a habit when they grow up.

Annie Spratt/Unsplash — Teach your kids how to save this early

Moms and dads can create a pseudo-checkbook where teens can track their expenses versus the amount they receive. This way, the kids can see where the chunk of their money goes and can, therefore, analyze if they are spending their allowance rightly.


Parents and their kids can bond while cooking, and at the same time, the children get to acquire skills that may develop into a hobby. It’s one way to ensure that the little ones understand the process and time required to whip up a meal, and afterward, they may feel appreciative of what is served on the table.

Plus, by assigning them small tasks, such as beating or cracking an egg, you are teaching them personal responsibility. This will make them feel like they are working toward a goal – that is, making a tasty meal.

First Aid

One of the things that a household must have is a first aid kit. During this quarantine period, you can take the bag out and show it to your kids.

Omphoto/Shutterstock — kids must learn the uses of the different things on a first-aid kit

This is the perfect time for the youngsters to learn what’s inside the kit since they are still naturally receptive of information and can retain them, child and adolescent Dr. Neha Chaudhary explained. This will be helpful in emergency moments because you’ll never know when unfortunate events may strike.

Basic Sewing

Sewing is not just worthwhile, but it is also fun to do — an activity that your children will surely enjoy. Why is it crucial for them to learn this essential skill?

Kris Atomic/Unsplash — Sewing may give your children self-confidence

Dr. Melanie Ross Mills said this is because it will equip them with the necessary tools that can build up independence and self-confidence, can help them assume responsibility, and make them well-rounded beings.

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