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Marie Claire’s Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brands


Let’s start our countdown with a brand that is changing the game from the ground up: Zedify. While not your typical fashion brand, Zedify plays a crucial role in the fashion industry’s sustainability. They have embraced the green revolution in last-mile delivery, using zero-emission vehicles. Of course, this is to ensure your sustainable fashion finds reach your doorstep without harming the planet.

By reducing the carbon footprint of fashion delivery, Zedify is not just a brand. Instead, it is a movement that is shaping the future of sustainable fashion.

GTN / The Marie Claire U.K. Sustainability judges the sustainability measure and eco-friendliness of the fashion brands to vote for them. And Zedify has the votes of the judges.


Next up, we have Hilos. A brand that is all about artistry and sustainability. Hilos specializes in handcrafted shoes and accessories, designed to be as exquisite as they are eco-friendly. Their commitment to using sustainable materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques sets them apart. Each piece is a work of art, created with passion and care.

With Hilos, you are not just purchasing fashion. You are investing in timeless, sustainable elegance.

Mood of Thought

If your fashion sense leans towards street style, Mood of Thought is the brand you need to know. This brand strikes the perfect balance between edgy designs and eco-consciousness. Their collections feature cutting-edge streetwear made from organic and recycled materials.

Tuan / Pexels / Thanks to its love for street style and reverence for Mother Nature, Mood of Thought is voted as the best fashion brand of 2023.

Mood of Thought is committed to ethical production practices. Thus, ensuring that your street-ready outfits are both stylish and responsible. So, be ready to make a bold statement while treading lightly on the planet.


For fitness enthusiasts and athleisure lovers, BAM is the name to remember. Their sustainable activewear collection is a blend of high performance and eco-friendliness. BAM’s secret weapon? Bamboo fabric is known for its softness and sustainability.

Beyond their materials, they prioritize ethical production practices, so you can sweat it out in style while knowing you are making a positive impact on the environment.

Elvis & Kresse

Our final stop on this sustainability tour takes us to the innovative world of Elvis & Kresse. This brand turns discarded fire hoses into stylish, eco-friendly fashion accessories. Yes, you read that right! Elvis & Kresse’s dedication to repurposing materials not only keeps waste out of landfills but also contributes significantly to environmental charities.

Brand Saga / Elvis & Kresse is a fashion brand that turns discarded fire hoses into stylish, eco-friendly fashion accessories. Fairly so, the brand is voted as the best.

Thus, their creations are not just fashion. Instead, they are fashion with a purpose, perfect for those who want to stand out while making a sustainable statement.

Parting Thoughts

In the fashion industry, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever. These five brands, recognized at the Marie Claire U.K. Sustainability Awards 2023, are leading the charge towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

Whether you are looking for elegant footwear, edgy streetwear, or high-performance activewear, these brands have got you covered without compromising on style or ethics.

As consumers, we now have the opportunity to align our style preferences with our eco-conscious values. So, go ahead, explore these brands, and make your fashion choices count. By supporting these sustainability champions, you not only enhance your wardrobe. But you also contribute to a brighter and greener fashion future.

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