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How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Working From Home?

Working from home has many advantages. The foremost among them is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. Rather, you can develop a serene home office where you can perform your tasks effectively and you are not required to show up at the office every morning.

However, as reliable as working from home is, it comes with many challenges. Perhaps the most obvious among them is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As you work from the office, you not only surround yourself with your colleagues, but you also interact with them on daily basis. Thus, you are not only are you performing your daily tasks, but you also have human interaction with your coworkers. This is untrue for those who work from home since they are not accompanied by their colleagues and coworkers. Instead, all they have is the bulk of tasks that you have to complete, and throughout their working hours, they keep staring at their desktop.


Andrea / Pexels / Working from home is way more different than working from the office.


Thus, working from home can have a significant impact on your lifestyle, which is why you need to have certain things in place to maintain a healthy routine. However, these do not have to be big steps. From taking morning walks to taking nutritious breaks, these simple steps will help you maintain an intact lifestyle while working from home.

  • Remind Yourself to Take Breaks

One of the issues with working remotely is not being able to keep up with a schedule. In the office, everything goes as per the set schedulefor example, there is a specific time for breaks. At that designated time, you are destined to take a break along with your colleagues or you may go out for coffee or lunch.


Andrea / Pexels / Calendars are great ways to make your work-from-home routine and lifestyle intact. Make the most out of them.


On the other hand, this is quite difficult if you work from home, which is why you need to et a schedule for yourself and operate accordingly. An efficient way to work on schedule could be to make use of your calendar. Set reminders for yourself on the calendar and keep fitness and healthy tasks a priority for yourself. Likewise, ask your client for a coffee break if possible, or even better, find a loved one to spend the break with.


Andrea / Pexels / Talking on the phone while walking can not make you active only. It will also make you creative and more friendly on the call.


  • Follow A “Walk & Talk” Strategy

As you work from home, it is likely that you spend some of your time on phone calls. Be it having meetings with your manager or talking to clients, you are very likely to spend a vast majority of your day on the phone. How about using that ‘on the phone’ time effectively?

Set a strategy for yourself to attend phone calls in a more efficient way. For example, whenever you are on the phone with someone, go for a walk. Equip yourself with a good pair of headphones and enjoy a nice power walk while you talk with your clients. Who says we can’t mix business with pleasure?

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