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Finding it Difficult to Clean Your Makeup Brushes? Here are Some Easy Tips!

Have you ever visited your favorite chef’s kitchen or your favorite painter’s workshop? While the end result they produce might be a masterpiece, the tornado that remains behind, waiting to be cleaned, is often the last thing they might want to do! Makeup is no different.

Beautifying oneself can be a lot of fun, especially for those who are passionate about it. But cleaning makeup tools can often seem like a chore. Now, although you might want to put it off for another day, it’s important to remember that taking care of your makeup tools is just as important as taking care of your skin and body. Both require some effort but are really worth it.


Unsplash | Cleaning makeup brushes is as critical as following the right strokes. It takes a little time, but it’s totally worth it

Deep-cleaning makeup brushes once in a week can be done under a very low budget, and it requires minimal effort. For someone who is fond of makeup but finds it difficult to wash the brushes and sponges more frequently, this article covers the different techniques to make this task less pesky and more fun!

Why is it important to clean your makeup brushes?

  • When makeup brushes aren’t cleaned very often before being reused, the powders and oil gets built up on the bristles, making it the ideal playground for microorganisms and bacteria. Using such brushes can make your skin break out and cause acne and staph.
  • When brushes are washed before using, they become softer and less irritating for the skin. They can then be used for a longer period of time without needing replacement.
  • Unwashed makeup brushes can make your foundation look cakey, and this happens because of the clogged pores, which makes it more difficult for you to look flawless.

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Pinterest | Using dirty makeup brushes can damage the skin in addition to making your foundation look cakey

How to clean your makeup brushes?

  • There are several brands out there offering makeup brush cleaners which you can simply spray on the brushes to freshen them up. For deep cleaning, however, a simple mix of water and unscented castile soap will do just fine.
  • If you’re someone who prefers homemade cleansers over the ones available in the market, everyday dish soaps and hand soaps can also be used to wash the brushes. They also help in breaking out oil and powder build-ups.
  • Using textured cleaning mitts and mats while cleaning the brushes ensures all that makeup residue is cleaned off. For a pleasant scent, while cleaning, grapefruit essential oil or any other essential oil of your choice can be used.

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The Chriselle Factor | Using a soap and water mix or a commercial makeup brush cleaner is recommended

Summing it up

Deep cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important since it also holds several skin benefits. Luckily, there’s no need to invest much time in it, especially if you’re someone who lives a hectic life. If not daily, the brushes must be washed at least once a week.

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