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Which Diet Is The Best For You and Which Isn’t? Here’s What Experts Have to Say!

Try this – simply search for “the best diet” on your laptop or phone. We bet you’ll get an endless list of options, each one claiming to be the best! But don’t we all agree that more than half of those options won’t work for a majority of the people? What we need is the right kind of diet for our specific bodies.


kitzcorner/Shutterstock | Ever diet doesn’t work for everyone; hence, a custom meal plan is often the best way to go

A healthy diet is what each one of us seeks because, obviously, it helps with maintaining a good shape and keeps us away from illnesses. But not just that, it also has a major effect on our mood and overall well-being. Keeping that in mind, it’s high time we bid adieu to all that junk food we keep gobbling every now and then and switch to nutritiously balanced meals.

Coming back to selecting the right diet, it’s excessively confusing given the range of options and never-ending suggestions. So we’ve decided to end the chaos and hand-pick the best expert-recommended plans for you right here. Grab your pens and papers and start taking notes!

Starting with the good diets

The weight watchers diet

This is one of the highest-ranking diets since it is well researched and long-lasting. The foods encouraged in the plan include lean proteins like skinless chicken, eggs, tofu, fish, shellfish, non-fat yogurt, and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and nuts.

Flexitarian diet

This is the ideal diet for vegans. It’s a plant-based meal plan that helps in losing weight and reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. The food you can consume in this plan includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, least processed, most natural form of foods, and limited sugar and sweets.


marilyn barbone/Shutterstock | Nutritionists recommend plant-based diets to help with weight loss and cutting down conditions like type-2 diabetes

Mediterranean diet

Typically high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and olive oil, the diet is based on what people in Italy and Greece used to eat in the 90s for being healthy. Foods like white bread, pasta made with refined wheat, Soda, candies, ice cream, table sugar, processed sausages, hot dogs, etc. must be avoided if you’re following this.

The ‘Mayo Clinic’ diet

This is a long-term weight management program designed by medical professionals from the renowned Mayo Clinic. It includes consuming lean protein sources like legumes, whole-grain carbohydrates, low-fat dairy, fish, and unsaturated fats that are heart-healthy.

Now for the diets that aren’t so great

Keto Diet

We know that might come as a shocker since several people claim to have lost much weight with this diet, but experts say it isn’t for everyone. You shouldn’t be following this diet if you’ve got disease of the pancreas, liver, thyroid, kidney, or gallbladder. To follow it, you’ll need to give up whole grains, beans, fruits, and many veggies, which can cause deficiencies and constipation.


Yulia Furman/Shutterstock | Even though the Keto diet has helped many people lose weight, experts say it isn’t for people suffering from a few specific health issues

Dukan Diet

This one is a low-carb diet, but since the human body needs a specific amount of carbohydrates to function properly, sticking to this one can give rise to various diseases in the long run.

To wrap it up

We believe that if you follow some of the above-mentioned good diets and avoid the bad ones, you can steer clear of health issues while maintaining balanced health. If you find all kinds of diets difficult, though, simply add more fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet in place of artificially sweet and excessively fatty foods, and you should start seeing changes.

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