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We Bet You Didn’t Know These Nutrients are Best for Protecting You from COVID-19

Since COVID-19 started spreading throughout the world, much research has been conducted in order to understand the dynamics of the novel coronavirus. Alongside studying the core traits and patterns related to the virus, scientists are also trying to unravel ways you can defend yourselves against it.

New research has shown that there are some supplements that can help in lowering the intensity and effects of SARS-COV and the symptoms that come with it. Vitamins are usually absorbed by the body through a healthy diet and sufficient sun exposure but sometimes, these sources are not enough.

Unsplash | Scientists spent long days and nights trying to uncover details pertaining to the virus

In the current climate, it would be best for you to find ways to incorporate the following vitamins into your daily routine in order to get the best protection against COVID-19:

1. Vitamin K

Though Vitamin K is known for bettering your cardiovascular health, new studies suggest that it can also be greatly beneficial for patients suffering from COVID-19. One particular study conducted by the Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark, revealed that patients with sufficient amounts of Vitamin K were able to combat the virus better than those who didn’t.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is usually said to be great for bone health due to the part it plays in strengthening them but now, Vitamin D is discovered to be useful in increasing the body immunity against COVID-19.

Medical experts have claimed that taking a sufficient amount of Vitamin D can help in protecting you against the virus infection and decrease mortality rates. Since Vitamin D benefits in empowering the immune system, patients with deficiency of Vitamin D were found to struggle with the infection.

Pexels | Sunshine is a great source of Vitamin D

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is commonly known in every household because of its multiple abilities such as its anti-aging properties and strengthening the immune system. According to the scientific journal Nutrients, Vitamin C can also benefit the patients by lowering the impact of COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, it is stated to help in resisting the chances of developing pneumonia.

4. Zinc

In the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, a research study has shown that patients with Zinc deficiency suffer from intense COVID-19 symptoms and take a longer period to recover completely.

Another study held and published by the Journal of Microbiology states that the use of zinc can help in decreasing the mortality rate and lower the severity of the symptoms caused by the COVID-19 infection. However, Zinc should be consumed in moderate doses and a nutritionist or a doctor should be consulted before making changes to your diet.

Pexels | Use supplements to fulfill your daily nutrient requirements

In a Nutshell

COVID-19 has the entire world taking great precautions against it. As such, these dietary supplements have shown promising results for protection against the virus. Vitamins K, D, C, and Zinc have shown to be helpful in boosting the immune system and bettering overall health.

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