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The Best Vitamins For Brain Function & Health

Vitamins are crucial for maintaining the health of your heart and brain; with the appropriate vitamins, you can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, improve blood pressure, protect your brain, prevent memory loss, and enhance cognitive performance. In the end, the best source of vitamins is food. So, the next time you’re at the grocery store, stock up on these items since they are powerful for both your heart and brain health:


B vitamins are one such class of nutrients and are thought to be crucial. These eight water-soluble vitamins are necessary for several metabolic processes. The three main B group vitamins, vitamins B6, B9  folate), and B12, support both the health and function of the nervous system and the brain. These vitamins are medically proven to relieve stress and boost your brain power. In fact, they also fight depression, restrict brain aging and help you live a longer life. The subtypes of vitamin B perform a range of vital roles in keeping your brain working efficiently.

The role of Vitamin B

OsakaWayne/ Getty Images | Depression, dementia, and mental impairment are often associated with a deficiency of B vitamins


Particularly the B vitamins support a healthy brain and have an immediate impact on your mood. B vitamins impact your energy production, DNA/RNA synthesis and repair, the manufacture of neurochemicals and signaling molecules, as well as other components of the brain. For psychological and neurological functioning, it is important to maintain optimum levels of vitamin B.


Many foods are fortified with B vitamins, so deficiencies are rare. For most people, simply eating a well-rounded diet will provide sufficient B vitamins. The best sources are whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans. Vitamin B12, however, is found only in animal products. Therefore, vegans should take a supplement. Also, as you age, your intestines can lose their ability to absorb B12. Keep in mind that some medications, such as those for diabetes or reflux, can interfere with the absorption of B12.

Benefits of Vitamin B

Health Shots/ Shutterstock | Vitamin B is an essential vitamin abundantly found in both plant and animal food sources


Keeps mental disorders at bay

The brain is a very complicated structure that requires ongoing care. A crucial element in protecting your brain is vitamin B12. Mental problems such as brain atrophy, brain shrinkage, depression, confusion, and schizophrenia may result from a lack of it. But if you take vitamin B12 supplements, you can prevent these diseases.

Acts as a dopamine booster

Healthline/ Pinterest | B vitamins are important for making sure the body’s cells are functioning properly

A particular class of neurotransmitters is dopamine. The neurotransmitter’s ability to work properly is essential for the brain’s operation. Your body produces it, and the neurological system uses it to communicate between nerve cells. The interplay of numerous substances, including multiple B vitamins, results in the production of neurotransmitters within our neurological system. This promotes the health of your brain.

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