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NBA Star Kevin Love Has a Wellness Room in his House to Keep His Mental Health in Check

As an athlete, a power forward and a center at that, Kevin Love needs to keep his body in its most competitive shape. However, being a person who has been vocal about his battle against mental health problems, he understands that he must also have a clear headspace.

His dedication to health and wellness is evident from his investment in his psychological wellbeing. The basketball player recently gave a tour around one of the nooks in his Ohio abode which is reserved for a very special purpose.

It’s his wellness room, which is fitted with an infrared sauna, Power Plate, bed for vibration therapy, red light therapy device, a Waff (an inflatable circle), and candles and incense to prepare for yoga. Depending on how strenuous his activity was, he uses different equipment to speed up the recovery process after a hard day of training.

Architectural Digest/YouTube — Kevin usually stands in front of the red light therapy device before going about his day

With the unfortunate turn of events (read: Covid-19 pandemic), it has become more vital to keep your mental health in check — and Kevin agrees with this. Avid fans of the NBA superstar probably already know that he is an advocate for the cause, which is why it’s not shocking to see that he has invested in equipment to help him cope with stressful times.

Each gadget has different benefits but if the athlete’s schedule doesn’t offer too much free time, he usually just uses the red light therapy. He claims the long panel releases heat that makes his joints feel lubricated. It is typically his go-to activity before heading to a practice or a workout. To reap its advantages, Kevin advises standing in front of the device for 10 minutes without any clothes on.

Mental Health Journey

As a veteran basketball star, Kevin is one who believes that mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. He stressed the importance of learning about their connection, citing that injuries can affect how you think and feel.

Yes Market Media/Shutterstock — It was during a basketball game in 2017 when he first had a panic attack

Kevin previously revealed that his mental health battle began at the courtside in November 2017, during the game of Cleveland Cavaliers versus Atlanta Hawks. His heart was racing, had difficulty in breathing, and wasn’t able to control all these, all of these were new to him. He wasn’t able to play and was taken to the clinic, where medical personnel found there was nothing wrong with him.

NBC — Kevin has been vocal about his mental health struggles

However, the man knew there was certainly something happening that he can’t explain. In 2019, Kevin shared his story by writing a piece titled ‘We’re All Going Through Something That We Can’t See,’ which detailed how he learned of his mental health problem. He also underlined the importance of not allowing toxic masculinity to stop people from opening conversations regarding this sensitive matter.

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