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Fitspiration: The Pros & Cons of the New Fitness Trend

The fitness and wellness industry has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, with the emergence of a new trend known as ‘fitspiration.’ Fitspiration is a form of online motivation where individuals post motivational phrases and images to promote healthy living and physical activity.

As this trend continues to gain momentum, it is important to understand both the benefits and potential drawbacks associated with fitspiration.

Improved Motivation

One of the primary advantages of fitspiration is that it can provide an extra source of motivation for those looking to make positive changes in their lives. By seeing inspiring phrases and images, individuals can be more motivated to begin working out or making healthier dietary choices.

Jessica / Pexels | One of the biggest pluses of the Fitspiration trend is that it helps motivate people to take action.

Additionally, seeing other people’s success stories can serve as a source of encouragement, especially for those who feel like they are not making progress with their own routines.

Increased Self-Esteem

Fitspiration can also help to boost self-esteem by helping individuals focus on the progress that they are making instead of what they perceive as flaws in their appearance.

This type of motivation encourages users to take pride in their accomplishments and strive towards personal goals. In turn, this will lead to greater overall confidence.

Better Productivity

Fitspiration can also help to increase productivity by providing individuals with a plan and resources for achieving their fitness goals. Many of the fitspirational posts found online give users access to detailed workout plans, meal plans, or specific exercises that they can follow in order to reach their desired results.

Gustavo / Pexels | Following the Fitspiration trend can help you boost productivity.

Thus, having a clear plan and guidance makes it easier for individuals to stay on track and stay motivated as they work towards their goals. Apart from that, fitspiration motivates people by inspiring them with achievable results that are within reach. Seeing real-life examples of how others have successfully achieved their goals can motivate people to keep going even when things get tough.

Apart from the pluses of Fitspiration, here are the cons that come with the wellness trend:

Unrealistic Expectations

Although fitspiration is meant to be a source of inspiration and motivation, it can also create unrealistic expectations for individuals. This is especially true when images and captions promote extreme or restrictive diets or workout regimens that are not sustainable in the long run.

Additionally, these posts may lead to comparisons between different body types and fitness levels, which could be detrimental to one’s mental health.

Pressure to Exercise

Fitspiration can also lead to pressure to over-exercise. How? Well, it tends to emphasize the need for physical activity at all times. Many of the messages presented through Fitspiration glorify intense workouts and suggest that they are necessary every day to reach one’s goals.

Ketut / Pexles | One of the biggest cons of Fitspiration is that it makes you set unrealistic expectations.


Thus, this type of thinking can be dangerous as it neglects the importance of rest and recovery, which are essential components of any successful fitness routine.

The Final Word

Fitspiration can be a great way to stay motivated and inspired on the journey toward greater health and wellness. However, it is important to remember that it should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or proper nutrition guidance.

Furthermore, fitspiration should not lead to unrealistic expectations or pressure to exercise excessively. When used appropriately, fitspiration can be an effective tool for achieving one’s goals and improving overall well-being.

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