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Can You Outsmart Your Genes?

You’ve probably heard people say. “oh, they’ve got the good genes”. Genes make up most of your body features such as your facial structure, your height and built, and also any genetic conditions.

Many people that suffer from diseases such as down syndrome, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, and many more are usually because of the genes passed down to them. So, it is safe to say that genes are quite important when it comes to your health and physical being. Though there is nothing we can do to change our genes and our genetic makeup, we can have a positive influence on how the DNA is expressed.

Pexels | Everything a kid gets comes from the parents

Why Can’t Genes Dictate Your Life?

Well, they can’t. That is because even though you might have the same genetic makeup that you’ve gotten from your parents, a different lifestyle can change the outcome. For instance, you can cook up a different recipe with the same ingredients.

Many people have diseases such as diabetes and hypertension due to genetics. These diseases can be controlled or avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle, with an adequate amount of exercise, keeping you healthy and active.

How Can You Change Your Genetic Destiny?

Science has advanced greatly over the past years and today, there are technologies that allow genetic testing. Doctors can predict the chances of certain diseases and provide you with a regimen or medication that can help you avoid it altogether.

Following are a few essentials to incorporate into your daily routine for a better lifestyle.

1. Weight Training

Exercise is beneficial for everyone- many people also resort to exercise when they’ve gained a few extra pounds. However, apart from help with weight loss, weight training is greatly helpful since it has been proved to change your genes.

A study on the subject demonstrated that 2 groups, one of men above 65 and the other of women above 65, engaged in weight training. The researchers then found that the genetic footprints had reversed, mimicking that of younger adults.

Pexels | Intensive exercise can make you both look and feel younger

2. Whole Foods

Whatever you eat eventually results in an epigenetic signal that has the ability to bring about change. These changes adjust the chemical tags on the DNA which can result in creating an influence on your health, either positively or negatively. For instance, a diet with processed foods and less whole food can change the DNA, leading to diseases, whereas a proper whole food diet can reduce DNA damage, hence protecting you from diseases.

3. Reduce Stress.

Reducing stress can help in the stimulation of the growth of new brain cells, which will help you live a better and longer life. Solving mind games such as chess, puzzles, and card games can allow your brain to get the mental exercises it needs.

Pexels | Chess is a great exercise for people whether old or young

These tips are not only beneficial for a better and long life but, they can also substantially improve the quality of your life.

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