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Alright, It’s Time to Stop Postponing Your Doctor Appointments

Did you miss your regular checkups last year? Don’t worry, so did most people. A recent survey of 1,093 Americans made apparent that 27% skipped their annual checkup, 30% skipped their dental exam, and overall, 78% skipped at least one medical service through the year.

Due to the pandemic, people were confined to their homes for more than half a year. With schools and businesses on an indefinite physical hiatus, people had no choice anyway. Safety was the first priority. We know that the virus is far from gone, but normal life is starting to resume gradually thanks to the vaccine. This means that doctor’s office that remained closed since February 2021, or even those offered limited services, is now starting to open up full time.

Pexels | Vaccinated and safe, people are now slowly returning to a new norm of living

Here are the top 3 doctor appointments you need to book asap:

1. Your Primary-Care Physician

The medical director for quality and science at the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Amy Mullins, states that regular physical examination enables you to maintain prime health by catching issues right from the get-go.

Additionally, you have the window to voice any health concerns you may be having. Many factors can influence your annual physical, such as personal and family history or even age. Your doctor might recommend a mammogram, immunizations, or a colonoscopy when you reach a certain age.

Pexels | Most visits also include the doctor taking your vitals such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc

2. Your Dermatologist

Getting a regular skin check is absolutely essential. According to Icahn School of Medicine’s dermatology professor, Dr. Angela Lamb, a skin check takes just about 15 minutes. A dermatologist is able to get into areas you can’t normally see in the mirror, like the back of your ears or the top of your scalp.

The doctor will search for any telltale signs of skin cancer by examining you from head to toe. If detected early, the survival rate for skin cancer patients is 99%. You should be especially punctual with your visits if you fall into the high-risk category.

3. Your Dentist

If you haven’t seen your dentist in a year, your dental hygiene is owed a visit. According to American Dental Association, your dentist will determine how often you need to get a cleaning or even get X-rays. This all depends on the condition of your teeth. Some people do great with visiting the dentist bi-annually, but others might need up to 4 cleaning sessions a year.

Pexels | Your dentist might need to take a couple of X-rays to determine what’s going on inside your mouth

Wrapping It Up

If the pandemic kept you from visiting your doctor, now’s the time to get that appointment back on your calendar. If your concern is safety, you can always call up the facility to inquire what precautions they’re taking. This should give you that certainty you’re looking for.

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