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Woman Welcomes Baby After Artificially Inseminating Herself

Artificial insemination is a medical or veterinary procedure of injecting semen into a female’s cervix or uterine cavity for the purpose of achieving pregnancy through in-vivo fertilization.

Artificial inseminations are performed by doctors and commercial artificial insemination operators since mistakes during the procedure can result in infection, spotting, or multiple pregnancies. According to reports, the success rate for conceptions achieved with artificial insemination ranged from 5 to 30 percent; hence, Ennis’ artificial insemination was an exceptional success.

JAMES LINSELL CLARK/ SWNS/ ZENGER | A woman’s persistent desire to become a mother led her to artificially inseminate herself


The case of Bailey Ennis 

According to a miraculous yet shocking report, 24-year-old Bailey Ennis used a sperm donor to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy in September 2021. However, what’s shocking about it is that she did it by spending only $25 on an artificial insemination kit.


The English woman’s desire to be a mother and her lack of interest in dating indicate that she was a young woman who was “desperate to be a parent.” Following artificial insemination, she became pregnant in October 2021 and welcomed her son, Lorenzo, weighing 2.32 kg, on 2nd July 2022. The pair stayed in the hospital for two days to check his growth before they were able to come home on July 4.

JAMES LINSELL CLARK/ SWNS/ ZENGER | Bailey became pregnant after her very first attempt at inseminating herself in October 2021


When Bailey started seriously thinking about the prospect of becoming a mother in 2020, she started going through profiles on sperm donor websites to choose her donor. She was looking for someone with lots of experience and who was healthy. She later explained that she found someone with a healthy medical record who had been a donor for two LGBTQ couples in the past. After exchanging WhatsApp information and meeting over coffee, they both agreed he would be her donor. 


The single mum said she decided to inseminate herself soon after she found an experienced and healthy donor. She utilized a DIY kit at home to accomplish her wish which included sterile cups, syringes, and ovulation tests. Ennis had a smooth pregnancy and went into early labor at 38 weeks and five days.

DIY self-insemination: What is it?

JAMES LINSELL CLARK/ SWNS/ ZENGER | The achievement of the woman in the success rate of pregnancies through the process is remarkable


Do-it-yourself or DIY self-insemination is a technique in which a woman places her own semen into the vagina without the assistance of a doctor. It aids in the conception of children for infertile couples. Knowing the anatomy of the human body is essential, and beginners should never hesitate to seek medical assistance.


The most crucial component for it is freshly ejaculated semen, which should be used for insemination during fertile days or ovulation, which happens 14 days before the next menstrual cycle. The day of ovulation is the most fertile. 

Similar Case

After using the internet to purchase an artificial insemination kit and sperm, 33-year-old Stephenie Taylor from England gave birth to her second child. She decided to perform artificial insemination herself due to the hefty cost of doing so through a private reproductive clinic.


Taylor purchased sperm through the Just A Baby app and the insemination kit on eBay. To learn how to use the equipment, she turned to YouTube videos. Two weeks after her initial insemination attempt, Taylor discovered she was pregnant. She is now the delighted mother of two children. 

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