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Why Serena Williams and Daughter Alexis Olympia Are Proud of Alexis Ohanian for Resigning from Reddit Board

 Alexis Ohanian, co-founder and chairman of Reddit, shocked us when he announced that he is stepping down from the board — however, what really left everyone in awe was the reason behind his decision. And his wife, professional tennis player Serena Williams, was very impressed with her man’s move.

Vacating the Position

So why did Alexis leave the website that he created? He co-founded Reddit 15 years ago, which is why his recent decision was all the more surprising. However, in doing so, he made his legacy memorable and served as a great example to other leaders during this terrifying time.

Instagram — Alexis Ohanian was thinking about his daughter when he made the decision

The tech genius said that the move was long-overdue and added that he made this hard decision for himself, his family, and the country. Alexis, who shares daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. with Serena, also explained that this was also for his daughter to feel proud of him when she grew up. He wanted to have an answer for her when she asked what he did when the world needed him.

In an inspiring move, Alexis then went on to encourage the board to replace him with a person of color and revealed that he will use future earnings from Reddit to help fight the discrimination against the community. On top of this, he pledged $1 million to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

Instagram — Serena said she and daughter Olympia are proud of Alexis

As a closing note, the 37-year-old urged fellow leaders in power to stand up and help fix the ‘broken system’ that chooses one race over the others. Serena couldn’t help but be proud of what her husband did and felt that even their bundle of joy is extremely happy with the patriarch’s move.

Reddit’s Move

Reddit, which has previously been accused of staying neutral amid discrimination and spread of misinformation by some of its users on the platform, listened to Alexis when it named accelerator Y Combinator CEO Michael Seibel as the newest member of the board.

Kon Karampelas/Unsplash — Reddit previously came under fire

Alexis’ exit from the company came amidst the unrest as people take it to the streets to express support for the black community and to slam police brutality following the death of George Floyd. The victim died on the hands of four officers who arrested him in suspicion that he paid a counterfeit $20-bill.

One of the cops, Derek Chauvin, pinned George to the ground and knelt on his neck. The horrible scene was captured on cam and sparked outrage across the globe.

Celebrities have also used their platform to condemn the unfortunate event while some stars pledged significant amounts of money to organizations to help bail out protesters.

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