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Tips on Surviving Quarantine With Your Partner

Quarantining has been a difficult experience for those living alone in close small quarters because of human company absence. On the other hand, quarantine has also been tough on those who share their living spaces with their families, especially if you add a disgruntled attention-seeking partner and a super-energetic toddler.

According to numerous surveys carried out across households worldwide, the majority of people revealed that they are fed up with social isolation or what could be more rightly referred to as house arrest. However, social distancing does not have to be as unbearable as conceived. Especially if you are a small nuclear family, you could use this time on hand to strengthen your bond with your children and spouse. After all, was not a month-long vacation always on your to-do-list and family goals?

Unsplash | Cherish this extra family-time

Here are a few sets of advice to help you make this time of quarantining into your dream vacation-

1. Communicate

As brief as the advice is, it holds a fount of wisdom. Communicate your problems and your fears with your partner. If you feel frustrated or annoyed, it is better to address your reasons rather than being fidgety all day and presenting yourself as bad company. After all, every strong marriage is based on good communication.

2. Relax

With all work being performed from home and no social engagements to attend, your family might have lost track of time. Your toddler might have become a night owl, and your spouse might like to have breakfast at 2 in the afternoon.

This disruption of the daily routine may irk you, but the fact is it should not. Remember that you are living through uncertain times, and there is no guideline on how to survive it. Make a new routine that accommodates everyone in your family and party all night because you are on a year-long holiday.

Unsplash | Adjust yourself to your family’s schedule

3. Divide your time

With a toddler running around in the house, all your energies might be focused on keeping them safe, an around-the-clock job. However, you must never forget that now, since your spouse is at home too, you must dedicate some of your time to them. You could lavish them with special attention when your children are down for a nap or trapped safely in a playpen.

Unsplash | Little joint activities can really be helpful

Enjoy this unique period of your life, for it may be the last time you have so much free time at the end, with no social obligations pressing you for attention.

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