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Building a Foundation For Mental Wellness In Your Children – Here’s What You Need to Do

There is nothing in the world that you wouldn’t do for your children. You make sure to not comprise on their clothing, the food they consume, their education, and basically try your best to provide them with holistic support for them to grow into healthy human beings. But, many parents put way too much focus on materialistic things rather than focusing on building their kid’s mental health and providing them the safe space they require to grow, not only physically but mentally as well.

This lack of consideration for mental health and well-being has led to affecting approximately 1 in 7 children and teens at some stage in their lives. Though some mental health issues cannot be avoided and might be a part of their genes, you can protect your children by providing them with the ability to strengthen their development. Here are some strategies that can help you strengthen your child’s mental health at an impressionable age.


Many might believe that children in this age group are indifferent to whatever is happening around them, but that is usually not the case. Children are highly susceptible to emotions, and reading your energy. They are well-aware of what they are receiving, which can affect their growth and mental health.

Pexels | Parenting can be super frustrating at times but, you have to remain calm for your child

Your goal as parents should be to engage in frequent eye contact and cuddling. Your body language and facial expressions will do the talking, so be mindful of them, and lastly, always stay calm when dealing with a distressed baby.


This is the time period when they begin to pick on your behavior, words, and habits. You need to be attentive and patient when dealing with a toddler, you need to present yourself as a safe space so that they can feel comfortable opening up to you. Soon your children will be attending school so, you must develop this bond with them.

Pexels | Your toddler will be most active at age 2, so be prepared


At this age, children are going to go to school and be exposed to many things. You want to raise a child who will be confident in what they do and be emotionally secure. For that, you’ll need to focus on communication with your child, engage with your children after school hours while simultaneously allowing them to be independent on their own.

Pexels | Life can be quite busy, but you must give your kids the attention and time they deserve

Raising children can be hard, but once you get there, nothing is impossible.

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