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A Sleep Divorce is Not What You Think, But Could Be Everything You Need

Let’s face it – the pandemic quarantine and lockdowns have pushed the wrong buttons for a lot of couples out there. Irritation, frequent quarrels, and a stark realization of having lost “the spark” have hit every second pair of supposed love birds. You might even have come to a point where you’re regretting choosing your partner in the first place (agreed that might be a stretch, but we bet that thought has crossed your mind at least once…).


Unsplash | Frequent quarrels and annoyance at the little things can often take the fun away from a relationship

To all such couples out there – we feel you. But instead of taking a decision in the heat of the moment, take a deep breath and just go with us on this.

A ‘Sleep Divorce’ – the magic spell you need!

An extremely simple way to revive the seemingly lost bond with your partner is to practice sleep divorce. And before you start focusing too much on the word ‘divorce,’ please note that this doesn’t legitimately mean separation. All that it implies is that the couple agrees to sleep separately.

Come to think of it, a sleep divorce can be awesome for all those couples where one partner has weird sleep habits – midnight tossing, that 2 am snoring habit, maybe even sleepwalking! So wouldn’t it be great if after a super-tiring day you could get the entire bed to yourself without any sort of disturbance?


Unsplash | Sleeping in separate beds, or a sleep divorce can help a couple enjoy some space and recharge

And in case you didn’t notice – benefits of a sleep divorce

  • You get your private space back

Personal space is critical in a relationship and must be respected no matter what. A sleep divorce makes sure that both partners have isolated space for themselves and their thoughts. Relationships never progress in a straight line; they include hundreds of fights and also a lot of special moments. Momentary separation, like the one a sleep divorce gives, helps a couple enjoy their personal space for at least some time and realize where things are going wrong.

  • You become more compatible with each other

When you’re living with someone 24×7, it’s easy to start getting annoyed at the little things. Don’t we all know that too much of anything is bad? The same logic applies to the time you spend with someone when together. Practicing sleep divorce ensures undisturbed sleep for both people where one can be just himself/herself. Studies show that this makes a relationship healthier.

  • You get peace of mind

It’s a known fact that people tend to be happier and elated around the people they love, but continuing to feel love for a person who has a different opinion, a different habit, or a different mood than you can be difficult. At times, it can give you much stress. A good night’s sleep gives you peace of mind and recharges your batteries for the next day.


Unsplash | Not only does it help make couples more compatible with each other, it also gives both partners their peace of mind

To wrap it up

Believe it or not, several live-in and married couples regularly practice sleep divorce these days as a solution to cope up with frequent fights and irritations. And come to think of it, when looking at the benefits of the approach above, it actually makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

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