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The Epic Story of How Oprah Winfrey Saved Broadcaster Barbara Walters’ Life

When it comes to interviewers, there are two that stand out: Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters. They are both talented and have the skills to get even the timidest guest to talk. You’ll be surprised to know that they learn a lot of things from each other.

In Barbara’s memoir titled ‘Audition,’ she detailed how Oprah was instrumental in saving her life. It was in 1995; the ‘Today’ host was busy honoring women in the communications field at a luncheon, which was supposed to end by 2:00. However, it exceeded, and the actress had to prolong her presentation to Toni Morrison.

The event had taken so long that Barbara was only able to go back to her office at around 3:00 — but what she saw shocked her. Her assistants who were frantic and in tears, her boss ABC COO Robert Iger and police greeted her when she entered.

S_Bukley/Shutterstock — Barbara Walters narrated how Oprah saved her

Barbara revealed that all the while she was listening to Oprah’s talk, a nasty windstorm blew a beam from the nearby construction site, directly hitting her office. Her glass desk was broken, and her entire office was filled with shards. She found it quite hard to imagine what would have happened had she been in the room.

As such, Barbara owes her life to Oprah. They have been good friends for a while now, and in friendship, you always know that your pal has your back.


But relationships like this go both ways. Oprah previously admitted that she was inspired by Barbara to be the Oprah we have known her to be.

Oprah idolized the broadcaster and wanted to be just like her from a very young age. In an interview, the media mogul revealed that during her teenage years, she joined the Miss Fire Prevention Contest, wherein judges asked youngsters what they wanted to do in life.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock — Oprah has always idolized Barbara

To be a teacher — this was Oprah’s prepared answer. However, upon seeing the ‘Today’ show on the morning of the pageant day, she knew that she wanted to become a journalist. When a judge pressed her on what kind she wanted to be, she didn’t hesitate and said she aspires to be Barbara.

This was obviously one of her visions that she never forgot as Oprah eventually became a newswoman. Not only did she become a journalist, but also a multifaceted personality who transformed into a household name in the entertainment industry.


Despite Barbara being good at what she does, she did doubt herself in other aspects of life. There were moments when she would feel inadequate.

Joe Seer/Shutterstock — Barbara felt incompetent before

Barbara shared a moment when she would feel incompetent in the smallest things that other people normally and effortlessly do. It didn’t help that she overheard her daughter, leaving an innocent remark about how her mother couldn’t drive or do anything sans TV.

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