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Celebrities Who You Never Knew Were Related to Each Other

The entertainment industry is filled with talented people, some of which are connected. You may have heard of James and Dave Franco as well as twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen but we bet you there are still celebrity families you have yet to know.

Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci

Bothe Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt starred in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ although she was still relatively a newbie in Hollywood. However, she actually played cupid between her costar and her sister, Felicity, with whom he tied the knot in 2010.

This means that Stanley and John Krasinski are brothers-in-law! The happy group attended the premiere of ‘A Quiet Place’ together.

Lily Allen and Alfie Allen

Siblings Lily and Alfie Allen show just how artistry runs in the family as both of them excelled in their pursuits. While the singer has been in the mainstream media for quite a while already, the younger Allen became known for playing Theon Greyjoy in the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones.’

Jessica Capshaw and Steven Spielberg

S_bukley/DepositPhotos — Jessica Capshaw’s stepfather is Steven Spielberg

Although they don’t share the same last name, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Jessica Capshaw and legendary actor Steven Spielberg are related after her mom married the filmmaker in 1991. Unlike the typically damaged relationships between second parents and kids, the stars are quite close.

Katherine Waterston and Sam Waterston

‘Law and Order’ and ‘The Newsroom’ – these are just some of the credits under Sam Waterston’s belt. Unsurprisingly, his daughter Katherine also became an actress and you may recognize her for playing Tina Goldstein in ‘Fantastic Beasts.’

S_bukley/DepositPhotos — Katherine Waterston has said it was hard to enter the industry even though her father is an actor

Despite having a veteran actor as a father, Katherine admits that it’s not that easy for her. She admitted that staffers may be kind to newbies but then you’ll realize that people aren’t so friendly at all when it comes to pursuing acting.

Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts

The ever-glamorous Julia Roberts has a famous niece: Emma Roberts. The duo has always been open about their connection and has gushed about each other in interviews.

Photoworksmedia/DepositPhotos — Julia and Emma Roberts have gushed over each other in interviews

They aren’t afraid to speak about one another on social media and have actually spent an enormous time together. However, the ‘Notting Hill’ actress isn’t afraid to admit that she couldn’t watch Emma in ‘American Horror Story’ because it is too terrifying for her!

Joe Rogan and Gerard Way

Famous podcaster Joe Rogan and My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way, who is also the writer of ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ are cousins. However, the former revealed that they don’t know each other!


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