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Shaquille O’Neal’s Thoughts On Rudy Gobert’s Expensive Contract Renewal

In times like these, when money has become more valuable than emotions, talent still stands priceless. If one finds the right talent, even a million-dollar investment feels worth it. Quite recently, the dilemma of evaluating the worth of real talent confronted the NBA team, Utah Jazz.

In December, Utah Jazz shed $205 million for extending center player Rudy Gobert’s contract. The deal garnered a lot of media attention naturally since it was the third-largest in NBA’s history and the highest ever for a center. In such a scenario, how could former NBA center player Shaquille O’Neal keep to himself!


NBA | Over the past several weeks, O’Neal has taken several digs at Gobert for charging such a huge amount for contract renewal

Over the past several weeks, O’Neal has taken several digs at Gobert, the first by calling him a Baguette Biyombo. He even said that children should watch Gobert closely because if 11 points can get him $205 million, Jokic should be getting $600 million!

Let’s find out more.

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Shaq’s way of trolling Rudy Gobert

On January 4, 2021, O’Neal posted a photoshopped video on his Instagram handle showing him dunking over Gobert. Well, if you’re an NBA fan, you must be aware of Shaq’s typical trolling habits. Many people believe that his purpose of living is belittling other NBA players, especially center players, since he used to play for that position.

The 48-year-old analyst of NBA on TNT has trolled many centers like Javale McGee, Al Horford, and Dwight Howard. However, most of the times, his comments aren’t taken seriously because of the transparency level with which he speaks.


Getty Images | In December, Utah Jazz shed $205 million for extending center player Rudy Gobert’s contract

Several people think that O’Neal is jealous of Gobert. FYI, O’Neal earned $290 million out of his 19-year-old career in the NBA, whereas Rudy has surpassed his whole career earnings by signing only two contracts! So most probably, the jealousy angle is correct.

But TBH, there’s no comparison between Shaq and Rudy. Neither are their stats the same nor will their financial numbers be. If the fans were to choose between Rudy Gobert, who scored 12 points and 13 rebounds this season, and Andre Drummond, who scored 19 points and 15 rebounds, it’s obvious that they’d go with Andre. After all, you can’t neglect defense and rim protection.

But fans should remember that Rudy’s journey wasn’t a cakewalk either. Unlike Shaq, Rudy wasn’t a college and high school star or a number-one pick. At the twenty-seventh position in the 2013 NBA draft by Denver Nuggets, he was then traded to the Utah Jazz.

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Newspix | People think that O’Neal is jealous of Gobert since he has surpassed O’Neal’s whole career earnings by signing only two contracts

What’s Rudy’s take on Shaq’s trolling?

Whatever Shaq might say, Gobert has already made it clear that he won’t engage in a spat with the former Lakers Legend. Gobert is expected to play against Atlanta Hawks in February, 2021. We wish him luck for all his future endeavors.

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