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Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox Tie The Knot With a Unique Ring

Machine Gun Kelly is known for his music, but now he can add jewelry designer to his resume! He recently revealed that he designed Megan Fox’s unique engagement ring. The ring’s sharp design was intentional, so it would “hurt” to take off. Fox says she loves the ring and that it’s very ” Machine Gun Kelly.”
This isn’t the first time the singer has done something weird. Remember when he tattooed his entire scalp? I guess we can expect more exciting things from Machine Gun Kelly in the future!

marko-klaric/ Pexels | Love holds different meanings for everyone

While some may disapprove of this ‘act of love,’ Megan Fox loves everything about her new romance. She has expressed her love very openly for the singer and is not shy to admit that she loves the ring and what it represents. The couple says that it represents their acceptance that love is hard, and not all days are sunshine and roses. But you have to bear through it no matter what happens because you owe it to each other.

The astonishingly beautiful ring is built from two separate pieces of metal. The ring is half diamond and half pure Colombian emerald. The two stones are tied into unison by a tiny gold screw. When the stones snap together, they form a heart. Machine Gun Kelly says that it depicts the two halves of each other’s lives that they represent. Each may hold his or her unique ideas on life, but they will always belong together no matter how different they seem.

Machine Gun Kelly’s career started when he was just a young boy and has only grown since then. He’s faced some hard times in his life, but he’s always bounced back. That resilience helped him create this ring that Megan Fox will wear for the rest of her life.

fox/ pexels | The couple seem to have found their one true love

The story behind the design may be painful, but it’s a story of enduring love that will surely inspire their fans.
Megan Fox is no stranger to pain; she has faced numerous difficulties in life like anyone else. Recently she went through a harrowing ordeal when she lost her father. However, her pain has been turned into something beautiful.
Shortly after that, she announced her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly. It seems like everything is going right for her now, but back then, she described it as one of the darkest times of her life. She has also been the subject of a lot of negative media attention, with people calling her ugly and a terrible actress.

jesus-arias-/ Pexels | Judging by the ring, the wedding will be no short of surprises

Amidst all that, Machine Gun Kelly came to her rescue. He designed an engagement ring for her that is unique and truly personal. The ring has three diamonds on it representing the past, present, and future.
We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this power couple. Congratulations to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly!

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