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Joel McHale Received Strange Calls After Starring in ‘The X-Files’

Fans can get so obsessed with the characters they watch on TV or movies that they can’t separate the star from their portrayals. Actor Joel McHale understands this because it has happened to him many times in the past.

It can be a boon and a bane for the celebrities – this only means their portrayal is so good that people actually believed what they’re saying in front of the camera or it could mean that fans become so engulfed in their characters that they refuse to believe that the actor and the role are two separate personalities.

Justin Lubin/NBC — Joel McHale played show host Tad O’Malley in ‘The X-Files’

For Joel, guest-starring in the 10th and 11th seasons of the sci-fi, crime series ‘The X-Files’ as Tad O’Malley, the host of a conspiracy television show, made him realize that some viewers really do believe what they see on TV. In fact, people were so convinced that some regularly reach out to him.

For his character’s storyline, Joel credits the show’s writer and showrunner Chris Carter, who he said is terrific for being able to take everything that is happening around and twisting these into the dramatic script. Indeed, Ted’s arc is entirely believable, especially for real-life conspiracy theorists who are determined to get Joel into their radio shows.

The 48-year-old thespian found the incidences interesting. Despite this, Joel has always been grateful for his time in the show. He said he is ‘thrilled to death’ just knowing that he has been part of ‘The X-Files.’ He appeared in ‘My Struggle’ and ‘My Struggle II’ in season 10 and ‘My Struggle IV’ in the following season.

Other Stars

RoidRanger/Shutterstock — Jennifer Aniston has always been tied to her ‘Friends’ character

Joel’s struggle with his fans only shows that people can get immersed in what they are watching so much that they can’t distinguish the actor from the character. He is not the first to have experienced this as other stars have become synonymous with their roles.

Jennifer Aniston, for instance, has got a long list of film credits, but she is probably best known for being Rachel Green in the iconic sitcom ‘Friends.’ To be fair, all the other cast members of the NBC show also suffered the same fate, but it was ‘The Morning Show’ star that made a buzz long after the series wrapped up.

Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock — Christopher Reeve (center) was known for playing ‘Superman’ in the ‘70s through ‘80s

The late Christopher Reeve was best known for his ‘Superman’ films during the ‘70s and ‘80s. His chiseled face made it harder for his fans not to associate him with his superhero roles. It can even be said that he found it difficult to ‘escape his cape.’

After his stint as a superhero, Christopher went on to appear on big and small screens before an accident in 1995 forced him into retirement.

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