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James Brown’s Kids: Details About the Iconic Singer’s Large Family

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, was more than just a musical icon. He was a husband and a father, a complex individual who left behind a legacy that extends far beyond the stage. While his music continues to electrify audiences, his personal life, particularly his large family, remains shrouded in some mystery. This glimpse into his nine acknowledged children sheds light on the lives shaped by the man behind the electrifying performances.

Teddy, Terry, Larry, and Lisa

Instagram| jamesbrown | James’ initial marriage to Velma Warren resulted in the birth of Teddy.

James’ first marriage to Velma Warren brought forth Teddy, the eldest son, tragically lost in a car accident in 1973. Terry, the second son, and Larry, the third, maintain private lives, leaving their stories shrouded in mystery. However, a hidden melody emerges with Lisa, whose existence was revealed in divorce documents. Though details remain scarce, Lisa adds a whisper of intrigue to the family’s narrative.


Born from the union of James and soul singer Yvonne Fair, Venisha embodied the Brown spirit. Known for her infectious dance moves, she sadly passed away in 2018. Yet, her memory lives on, a testament to the artistic flame that burned bright within the Brown family.

Yamma and Deanna

Dr. Yamma Brown Lumar, James’ daughter with Deirdre “DeeDee” Jenkins, chose a different path. Her powerful memoir, “Cold Sweat,” offers a raw and honest look at her childhood in a complex household, revealing the struggles alongside the love.

Instagram | daughterofsoul |Dr. Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar has a doctorate in pharmacy.

Dr. Deanna Brown Thomas, born to the same parents, carries the torch of her father’s legacy forward. As the head of the James Brown Family Foundation, she keeps his music alive, reminding the world of the enduring impact of the “Hardest-Working Man in Show Business.”


Daryl Brown, James’ son with musician Beatrice “Bea” Ford, chose to tell his story in “My Father the Godfather.” He sought to portray James not just as a legend but as a man, highlighting the human side beyond the dazzling persona. Following in his musical footsteps, Daryl carries the Brown rhythm with his own unique beat, playing drums and guitar.

 James Joseph Brown II

Instagram | jamesb.ii | The youngest son, James Joseph Brown II, born to James and Tomi Rae Hynie.

The youngest son, James Joseph Brown II, born to James and Tomi Rae Hynie, continues the musical legacy. His Instagram showcases his talent, a testament to the powerful genes he inherited. With his potential to excel, James Joseph Jr. adds a final, hopeful note to the family’s melody.

A Family Symphony

James Brown’s children are not mere footnotes to his fame; they are individuals who have carved their own paths, echoing his spirit in diverse ways. From private lives to public platforms, their stories weave together a rich tapestry, adding depth and dimension to the legacy of the “Godfather of Soul.”

As we listen to their individual melodies, we gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the music, the father who inspired, challenged, and left an indelible mark on their lives – and, ultimately, on ours too. Their journeys remind us that even the most iconic figures are shaped by the love, loss, and complexities of family, making their stories not just personal but universally resonant.

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