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Feast Your Eyes on Troye Sivan’s Humble Abode!

Troye Sivan is a much-talented singer and songwriter highly acclaimed for his work in the music industry. Ever since his debut albums hit the charts in 2015, there was no looking back. In just 6 years, he has gathered a number of awards to his name, including two GLAAD Media Awards, three MTV Europe Music Awards, and a Billboard Music Award.

Redbrick | The Aussie singer, purchased a house about a year ago after he returned to his homeland

Spilling the Tea

Troye Sivan showed off his new home recently, which he calls “his very own little piece of heaven,” as noted by the team of Architectural Digest. Sivan made a lengthy stay in America before going back to his home and complained that he felt extremely homesick the entire time. Troye told the publication during the video tour that he went back to be with his family as soon as things started going crazy in 2020.

Architectural Digest, Open Doors | If you could describe his home in two words, they would be “bright” and “green.”

It’s All In the Detail

The singer reveals that he happens to be extremely happy, which spiraled a need to immediately put down roots. The feeling only got stronger as he laid his eyes on the house. No doubt, there were many renovations done on the house to perfect it to Sivan’s liking but, many elements remain untouched, for instance, the cork ceiling, with the stains, etc. According to Sivan’s designer David Flack, to preserve the originality of the house, each thing had to feel real and effortless.

One very important aspect for Sivan was lighting, so it was made sure that his home came with several windows to let in a lot of natural light. Additionally, there are many lamps placed throughout the whole house for a soft glow, because in the words of Sivan, “harsh overhead sunlight makes no one look good”.

Exploring the Property

Adding to its wholesomeness is the fact the property comes with much history. It was constructed first in 1874 as a handball court and was later turned into a brick factory. 1970 marked the year it was turned into a residence.

The singers’ master bedroom takes up the entire top floor and is the perfect getaway, according to him. As said earlier, Sivan likes a lot of light and nature, which is why the room is full of windows, making him feel one with nature. The en-suite bathroom perfectly completes the relaxing vibe of the house, with a lush bathtub and an epic speaker system.

Architectural Digest, Open Doors | Sivan has also organized a room for his sister Sage on the first floor, complete with a bathroom.

The superstar hopes his house gives off a vibe that makes visitors understand his easy-going and unpretentious nature. He wants people to be able to tell that he’s a guy who loves design and art, is a little bit eccentric, very loyal, faithful, and true to his family.

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