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Sure-Fire Tricks to Be Happy & Successful at The Same Time

Up until 2020, the age-old “virus eating up the world” scenario was limited to fictional stories and movie scripts. But Coronavirus jolted everyone and proved that anything could happen. Not only did it transform into a pandemic that killed millions, but it also caused people to become confined to their limited spaces, detaching them from the rest of the world.


Pexels | In 2020, owing to infection fear and lockdowns, people were confined to their homes, and this led to mental health issues for many

The fear of catching the virus and the lockdowns robbed away people’s happiness and gave birth to several mental health issues. As such, researchers across the world had to come together to find ways to bring the world back to what it once was.

Thankfully, after a lot of research, a few solutions have been found to help you reset your mind to feel positive about the future again. Have a look.

Find peace in nature

Nowadays, people are largely stuck at home with restrictions and remote work routines, constantly juggling between the office and family. Most of us are barely getting time to pamper ourselves. If this routine continues for the long-term, researchers say it will cause significant physical and mental damage to each of us. Now, if you want to escape such a situation, take shelter under nature. The best solution would be to take a walk every day or enjoy your lunch break at a park or natural setting as it will shift your focus and open new doors.


Pexels | When on a break, take a walk or have lunch at a park to shift focus and open your mind

Enhance your workstation

Adding a natural touch to your workstation can enhance your performance and efficiency. Experts suggest placing your desk in front of sceneries like wooded areas and landscapes or substituting them with countryside photos or paintings. You can also keep a potted plant, an aquarium, or fresh flowers on the desk to channelize your energy. These adjustments will help in relieving stress and staying productive at work.

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Take frequent breaks

Often, people work for long hours to finish tasks before time. While it may sound good in theory, that kind of cycle can quickly lead to saturation and burnout. To avoid this, scientists advise taking breaks. You could watch a nature-related documentary to calm down your mind and body and increase your happiness level. According to research, watching naturally inclined content provides the same comfort as spending time in natural spaces.

Make optimum use of resources

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to natural resources like sunlight, but research says that allowing natural light into the workspace can decrease stress levels. You’d be surprised to know that fluorescent lights increase cortisol (stress hormone), whereas full spectrum lights elevate mood.

The best way to get natural light is by removing blindfolds, shutters, or any object that blocks daylight from the room. Also, keep your windows clean to allow sunlight inside the area.

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Pexels | According to studies, keeping your workplace in sync with natural resources like sunlight can help cut down stress levels

Wrapping it up

Even though the times are challenging, we can overcome difficulties by staying positive and patient. The best way to avoid negativity is to stay connected to nature, spare some time and enjoy the environment.

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